Trampoline Mat

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If you are looking for replacement mat for trampoline, Super Jumper has the best quality mats for sale. We have a large selection of trampoline jumping mats that are perfect for any round trampoline of size 6 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 14 ft and 16 ft.
  • All our trampoline mats are made of high quality fabric, has 6 rows of stitching for strength and has additional UV coating to prevent sun damage.
  • The trampoline mat comes with a specific number of rings based on the size of the trampoline and can be attached to the trampoline using the trampoline springs.
Before you buy:
When you are ordering the replacement trampoline mat for any brand of trampoline, be sure to the measure the diameter of the trampoline and count the number of spring rings. Once you have measure that, compare it with the table below to decide the size of the trampoline mat you want.
  1. Check the number of spring rings in order to match your trampoline.
  2. Check your old mat diameter and compare it with ours listed below.
  3. The mat diameter is measured from mat edge to edge, not included V-ring.
Mat Size Fit for Mat Diameter
10 ft 64 Rings, 6.5" Springs, 10 ft Trampoline Combo 100 inch
14 ft 80 Rings, 6.5" Springs, 14 ft Trampoline Combo 148.4 inch
14 ft 88 Rings, 7" Springs, 14 ft Trampoline

146.4 inch

16 ft 108 Rings, 6.5" Springs, 16 ft Trampoline Combo 173 inch

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