Trampoline Pad

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The pad covers the springs and trampoline frame, and helps to protect the jumper from getting pinched by the springs, falling between the springs, or impacting the frame.It's blue in color and are designed to go around the outside edge of the trampoline, covering the springs that holds the trampoline frame and trampoline mat together. 

It provides extra protection not only for those who jump on the trampoline, but also to protect it from damage that can be caused by various weather conditions.


Our pads contain shock absorbent EPE foam that will keep kids safe even when they happen to land on it. This closed-cell foam is also designed to keep out water and mildew. The safety pads will never lose their shape or wear out like average, run-of-the-mill ones will. We go over and above industry standards when it comes to our trampoline safety pads.


While your trampoline may have come with a safety pad, it is likely to wear out over time and start to tear in places that it shouldn't be. We carry trampoline pad replacements in various sizes for all sizes of round trampolines including those for 6ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and 16ft trampolines.


Before you Buy:
When you are ordering the replacement trampoline safety pad for any brand of round trampoline, be sure to the measure the inside and outside diameter of the trampoline Once you have measure that, compare it with the table below to decide the size of the trampoline pad you want.


Pad Size Trampoline Inside Diameter Trampoline Outside Diameter
6 ft 52.4 inch 72.8 inch
10 ft 98.4 inch 121.3 inch
12 ft 122.4 inch 145.3 inch
14 ft 146.1 inch 168.9 inch
16 ft 170.1 inch 192.9 inch

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