14 ft Trampoline Magic Safety Net Enclosure

$ 52.00

A net enclosure is great way to ensure safety and prevent your kids from falling when they having fun jumping on their trampolines. Super Jumper sells the best quality trampoline safety net covers that will add an extra layer of protection to keep your kids safely contained on the trampoline. Whether you’re seeking to buy a new or a replacement safety net for your trampoline, our net enclosures are the perfect fit for any standard 14ft round trampolines.

The 14 ft trampoline enclosure is intended specifically for 14 foot round trampoline. It is made up of a mesh net with tiny holes to prevent fingers and toes from getting stuck. It also has a zipper door that can be opened from inside and outside for easy access to the trampoline. The Magic safety net also comes with 8 (or 10 and 12) stand column poles and U-clips. The poles are made of galvanized steel and covered with EPE foam so that kids don’t get hurt when they jump against them. The U-clips ensure that the safety net is secured fast and tight to the trampoline.


Please check the following specs Before you buy:

  1. Your trampoline is 14 ft (Frame Diameter 14').
  2. Trampoline Enclosure include 8 poles, safety net and U-clamps, but it is not a trampoline.
  3. Your trampoline have 4 U-legs or 6 U-legs and Leg's diameter is around 1.5 inch, if your base leg's diameter is larger, Our U-clamps may not be able to fasten them together.
  4. The Length of U-leg is approximately 66.4 inch.
  • Fit for 14 ft round size trampoline, please check our data before placing order.
  • The U-sharp clamp design not request any Pre-setting hole or Pre-setting part on your trampoline.
  • This enclosure can fit any trampoline, only require the same size and legs.


Shipping Package Description 57X15X6" Dimension, 51.4 lb Weight(4 U-legs)
Safety Net Enclosure 97" Height, outside of pad
For Trampoline 14 ft trampoline with 4 U-legs / 6 U-legs
Tube Diameter: 1.5 inch, thick: 0.05 inch, 8 upper tubes and 8 lower tubes connect to become 8 Galvanized Steel poles
Net PE, w/ sleeves, zipper door, 1 pc
Warranty Steel Frame 3 years, Clamps 1 year, Net 1 year
Accessory Manual, U Bolts Pack

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